Public Nail Clipping/Filing

3 Nov

Dear jerks who file/clip their nails on public transit,

Gross. Please return back to the hole you’ve managed to crawl out of.


Allergic to you. xo

I do not want to:

a) Inhale your nail dust after you aimlessly blow it in my direction,

b) Pick your random nail pieces off my coat,

c) Become violent due to above circumstances (acts of violence include but are not limited to, elbow jabs, foot stomps, laser death glares, and on occasion, projectile vomit).

Let’s try a little exercise, shall we?


Wow. Crazy, right?


Got it?

One more time…



Alright then. Now that we’ve completed major brain surgery, let’s review the general rule:

Washroom activities stay in the w.a.s.h.r.o.o.m.

Please feel free to direct those who do not follow this general rule of consideration to this site or similar ones that may help them understand how to be human.


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