The name of the game

I suppose this is the part where I list my ‘likes’ since this little operation really isn’t about that.

I like:  large quantities of bacon, baseball, naps, the sun, puppies, art and whatnot, Cartman, wine, long walks on the beach, Larry David, beer, flip flops, ranch dressing, books, kittens, pyjamas,  and most importantly, sarcasm.

Do you want to date me or what?

Right. I bet you’re wondering, “what the hell is the point of this stupid blog?” (And if you’re not, then maybe you should get on that.)

On it yet?

Okay, good.

My explanation:  This is mainly for the purpose of my extreme need to vent, so as I don’t implode and whatnot.  Actually, I  have another blog (which I’ve shamefully ignored with a passion for the past year, but that’s what two jobs will do to you and actually I should be working on the second one right now, and really, you don’t give a shit about that).  So as to not litter my existing blog with continuous rants and raves (as if it’s not already, I mean really, who I am kidding) and the antagonistic thoughts that occasionally always sometimes constantly fill my pretty little melon, enter delightfully themed blog.


You: Allergies and all related things aren’t delightful.

Me: You should probably leave now.

In all seriousness, I struggled with the title of this, because you know, ‘Hate Blog’ wouldn’t get along too well.

Me: What do I really hate right now?

Yes, allergies. And not the food kind or the environmental kind (and I really feel for people that have to deal with that, I’m being genuine here, really, take note). I mean the kind that medical websites define as, ‘allergic to oneself’.  Yup. But that’s an entirely different delightfully themed blog.  There will be snippets now and then though, you can count on it.

You: Uh huh. Quite the cynical sarcastic type. That gets old fast.

Me: I’m fully aware, but thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’ll take note. Really, I will. Swear it.

In reality though, this blog is for my own selfish ventilation purposes, and if you happen to stumble upon it I’m not sure whether to congratulate you or advise you to run screaming. The later is likely most accurate, so… good luck to you.

You: Uh, thanks?

Back to the name of the game.  This has to do with the little things that are a big deal… at the moment.  Those sometimes insignificant things that make your blood boil.  Those things that make you wish you could stop what you’re doing, lay on the floor and throw a temper tantrum like a five year old.  The things that make you wonder what the fuck planet people are on.  Yep, those things.  So, thank you, blog world, for letting me express the side of me that most people don’t see and/or accept.

Enjoy the ride.


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